Colour Therapy Certification @ Melbourne November 9 to 10, 2011

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8:30am EST Wednesday, November 9 2011 to
4:30pm EST Thursday, November 10 2011
The Langham 1 Southgate Avenue Soutbank Melbourne Vic 3006
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Shane on Oct 23, 2011

Colour Therapy Certification

Become a certified practitioner of the 8-Color Test adapted by Ian Scot from the Lüscher 72-Color Diagnostic...

Easily Identify Clients Blocks and Those Clients in Need of Counselling.

The Lüscher-Color-Diagnostic ® is a psychological profiling tool developed by Dr Max Luscher in Basel, Switzerland. The 8-Colour-Test has been developed by Ian Scott and is based on the work Dr Lüscher (now Professor). Dr Lüscher believed that sensory perception of colour is objective and universally shared by all, but that colour preferences are subjective, and this distinction allows subjective states to be objectively measured by using test colours. The work of Ian Scott is based on the original works of Dr Lüscher...

Dr Lüscher’s research indicated that the colour selections are guided in an unconscious manner, they reveal the person as they really are, not as they perceive themselves or how they would like to be perceived. The results of the 8-Color-Test contain indications pertaining to personal assessment and special, professional recommendations as to how psychological stress and the resulting symptoms can be avoided. Dr Lüscher said Ian Scott brings to the Color Test an initiative and an insight which I have not before encountered. The test covers eight diagnostic colours (we note the image above is for look and not the actual eight diagnostic colours) and their meaning to give a 90% accurate readout of the client’s current disposition.

Using the 8-Color-Test to identify clients with severe clinical and psychological problems; the method allows a rapid and deep personality analysis from the color ranking information and will help coaches identify which clients need coaching and who needs counselling.


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